About regarding cancellation
Cancellation is possible from our website by the before day of reservation. A confirmation number and a mail address are required.
confirmation number is listed on the reservation confirmation email sent at the time of reservation.
Can you recommend how we can sightsee in the Nikko area during our stay in your hotel?
Please, see the link below for further details.
What is the adress/phone number of Okunoin HOTEL Tokugawa?
ADDRESS: 2204 Nikko Nikko-si Tochigi-ken, Japan
Japan PHONE: 0288-53-3200 (domestic)
International PHONE: +81-288-53-3200
What time is check-in?
Check-in time is 3:00pm.
What time is checkout?
Checkout time is 11:00am.
From and untill what time, is the check-in available?
Our check-in time is available from 15:00.
The latest arrival time will be 19:00.
Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes. You can use VISA, MasterCard, Amex (American Express), DINERS, JCB, Union Pay.
What is the cancellation policy?
Reservations cancelled less than 7 days before the date of arrival will incur the following charges.
8 day in advance: no charge
7 day in advance: 10% of Hotel charge
3 day in advance: 30% of Hotel charge
1 day in advance: 50% of Hotel charge
No show: 100% of Hotel charge
Do you offer a shuttle service between the Station and your hotel?
#Access to Hotel Tokugawa.
1. Please tell us (by email or call) when that train schedule has been decided. If you get in tell with us in advance, you can catch a pick up bus at station without waiting. (From PM2:00 to PM7:00).
2. We have shuttle bus service to hotel from "World Heritage area" & "Tobu Nikko station" or "JR Nikko station". Shuttle bus service (from PM2:00 to PM7:00) pick you up after your call. When using the bus from "World Heritage site" area, meet up is convenient in front of the bus stop. Please tell me the "bus stop number" by call when using pickup.

In this case, please contact us at the following address or phone number:
Email to: info@hotel-tokugawa.com
phone number: 0288-53-3200(japan internal) +81-288-53-3200(international)

#If you don't have a mobile phone.
1. There is a tourist association in the each station. Please consult with them. They should help to you.
2. Also in the city there is a public phone, you can use it. 0288-53-3200
We will be landing at Narita Airport at 4 pm. I do not think we will be able to arrive by 7 pm. Would you ever be willing to allow us to check in late?
Dinner is included in the all accommodation plan. If you do not arrive by 7 PM, we can't provide dinner. Therefore, you are required to arrive at the hotel by 7 PM.
Do you have a shuttle bus service to the station (or "World Heritage area") from hotel after C/O?
Our shuttle runs 30-minutes. The 1st shuttle bus is at 9:20, 2nd bus 9:50, 3rd bus 10:20, 4th bus 10:50.
*After April/1st, 2018
Our shuttle runs 1-hour. The 1st shuttle bus is at 9:00, 2nd bus 10:00, 3rd bus 11:00.
After check out, Can you drop me off at the station?
After check out, Free shuttle bus service from the Hotel to the stationl for their guests. Route of the bus to the station via the World Heritage area.
Scheduled bus(9:20, 9:50, 10:20, 10:50)
*After April/1st, 2018 (A scheduled, 9:00AM, 10:00AM, 11:00AM)

Length of time to the station:about 15 minutes
Please can you advise what is the best way to get to the Nikko from Tokyo and Airport?
Please refer to our Hotel web site.
I will arrive at Nikko station in the morning. May I leave my luggage at the hotel?
We will take care of your large baggage. However, Pick up only your luggage at the station, it is not possible.
Pick-up bus service can be a service at 2PM. We appreciate your understanding.

I have a proposal there.
1. Luggage delivery service is very convenient. It will carry your luggage from the station to the hotel.
the service, it accept in the "Hands-Free Travel Counters" in the Tobu Nikko Station.
Accept until 9:00 - 12:00am.
2. There is a coin-locker in the station. It leaves one's luggage and sightseeing.

When you sightseeing is finish, please use the hotel shuttle service.
Is it possible to send our luggages beforehand?
Yes, we can receive your lug gages at the front desk beforehand.
In this case, please fill out your check-in date and your name in full.

To: Okunoin HOTEL Tokugawa
Zip-code: 321-1415
2204 Nikko Nikko-si Tochigi-ken, Japan
Mr. /Ms. ***** (M/D←check-in date)
Is there a parking lot?
Free valet parking is available.
Is there a convenience store nearby?
The nearest convenience store is located 15minutes walk from the hotel.
And there is a few street lights on the way between,
so it will be quite dark after sunset time.

Therefore, we recommend you to finish your shopping before arriving at the hotel.
Our booking says half board - what food does the booking include?
Includes dinner and breakfast [one night and two meals per day].
#kaiseki-style traditional Japanese meal brought in courses
#Japanese-style Japanese set meal
#Breakfast is also possible change the western style in the advanced request.
What time will the dinner start?
We have three times for serving Dinner (18:00 or 18:30, 19:00). We will ask it when you check-in. Therefore, we recommend you to arrive before 18:00 preferably. In case of arriving after 19:00, we won't be able to serve your dinner even you would have reserved it.
Moreover, there will be no refund for a dinner cancellation caused by late arrival.
Can you serve dinner and breakfast in the room?
No. Dinner will be served at Dining Restaurant or guest room (can't choose). Breakfast will be served at Dining Restaurant.
If we stay more than 2 nights, will the dinner menus change?
We are able to arrange different dinner menus on each day up to 3-nights.
Do you have a special menu for ”Vegetarian” ”Gluten-free” “Dairy-free"?
Dietary options:
We have a special menu for” Vegetarian”, “Gluten-free", "Dairy-free".
If you want to this request, please contact us in advance at the following address. Reservation is requested by the previous day (reservation by email is accepted).
Are there allergy meals available?
Please request in advance. We will deal with that as much as possible.
Can people with tattoos stay at your hotel?
"Please refrain from using public bath as our rule. In this case, we will ask people with tattoos to book a guest room with the open-air bath or use the “reservation only charter private open air bath”
How to use the “reservation only charter private open air bath”?
[15:00-23:00] Reservation is required to use the bath room for 45minutes each.
Please make a reservation at the front desk when you check in.
To use, you will be to pay an extra charge.
Do you offer the Lunch?
We do not offer the Lunch.
Is the outdoor bath in the room 100% hot spring water?
Nikko's natural water (GINRYU-SUI) which is gentle to babies and pregnant women is used in The outdoor bath in the room. It is not a hot spring.