"Shikitei's hospitality" surrounded by mother nature

"Okunoin Hotel Tokugawa", hosting you with "Shikitei's hospitality" surrounded by mother nature of Nikko's detached resort that changes from season to season.

As well as the eight rooms of "YUGOKORO NO MA [GINRYU]" with the open air bath featuring "hot spring", the seven rooms of "KIGOKORO NO MA [TSUKISHIRO]" featuring "season" where you can see the heavenly body full of stars when the weather is fine, we newly opened the Annex [AQUA] featuring "water" which is our pride.

Annex [AQUA]

We show you our considerateness, providing restful moments by the vast Japanese-style garden, the open air bath where you can feel the sense of the season, and even our original creative cuisine, etc.
We are sincerely looking forward to your visit.

Goshinryu (Nikko Carving)

It is a Nikko Carving handed down from our predecessors as our protective God.
Please find Goshinryu which is displayed indoors.
We are sure that it will protect you.

Goshinryu (Nikko Carving)


Water as a blessing grown by abundant nature of Nikko

Meltwater from mountain ranges of Nikko permeates into the underground while being filtered and flows while making water veins over the years.

In our property, there are water veins which contains rich minerals grown by mountain ranges of Nikko such as Nikko's renowned peak Nantaisan.

Likewise, Futarasan Shrine which is one of World Heritage sites near our hotel mythologizes the spring water bestowed as a blessing of mountain ranges of Nikko as "REISEN" and it is honored by local brewers and others.

We also widely use natural mineral water which is pumped up from about 70m underground for all the tap water in our hotel. Since this water is flavorful and tastes good, it is good for food preparation such as washing rice and diluting drinks such as whisky and water.

Besides, we utilize plumbing system which circulates the water for air conditioning in summer. Since the temperature of the underground water remains around 7°C even in summer, we use it for making eco-friendly AC system. This system saves electricity consumption in summer that is generally supposed to be substantially higher.

In addition, we circulates this water in our pond and rear chars which are known for living only in clean stream. We can see forest green tree frogs, a natural monument, around the pond in summer.

Thus, this water is enjoyed by our staying guests in various scenes.

After the dragon which had been worshiped as "the God of water" since olden times, we named this water "GINRYU-SUI" and use its blessing gratefully.