Privacy Policy

Okunoin Hotel Tokugawa Homepage --- handling of personal information

We at Okunoin Hotel Tokugawa (hereafter referred to as "we/our") recognize information to identify the guest himself/herself who uses our homepage as important and handles it carefully.

On our homepage, when providing the service, we may request you to enter and send your personal information. We strictly controls the information received on our homepage.

Please note that the description on the homepage is our fundamental policy for handling personal information on our homepage and there may be additional remarks about personal information by each service information. In such a case, the remarks are separately displayed in each service information, so please read it as well as the fundamental policy.

  1. 1. When we request you to provide your personal information

    We request you to enter and send your personal information in the following cases.

    1. 1.Lodging reservation
    2. 2.Request for various materials
    3. 3.Others (If we request you to provide your personal information for services other than the above, we will explain the purpose, the content, and how to handle personal information.)
  2. 2. Purpose of using personal information

    We use the information received from you on our homepage only for the following cases and shall not use it other than for the purpose of receiving it.

    1. 1.In need of contacting you for a certain reason.
    2. 2.When we need to analyze for improving our homepage and services and commodities. Even in this case, analysis is still processed statistically and we do not use at all personal information for identifying the customer himself/herself.
    3. 3.When you make an agreement.
  3. 3. Within the scope of collecting personal information

    For personal information received from you, we deem minimum necessary information to provide our service as essential but do not request you to provide any other information as a precondition.
    (We will clearly explain minimum necessary information received from you, by marking it for instance.)

  4. 4. Saving personal information

    We save the personal information received from you only as the record of providing the service to which you applied and we will delete it after a certain period of time.

  5. 5. Personal information provision / disclosure

    We handle the personal information received from you carefully and do not provide or disclose it to the third party except for the following cases.

    1. 1.Entrusted company under secrecy obligation concerning Article 1.1 and system maintenance and management
    2. 2.When you make an agreement
    3. 3.When providing or disclosing personal information is required based on the law
  6. 6. Security measures
    1. 1.In order to secure personal information, we take rational safety measures from both aspects of management/operation and system, to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsifying and leakage, etc.
    2. 2.We provide in-company trainings for our executives and employees with regard to the protection and proper handling of personal information.
  7. 7. Personal information on the liked page

    On our homepage, in order to provide useful information and service to guests, we introduce website links of other companies and organizations. We shall not be responsible at all for personal information collection and handling on the linked page. Please use it with responsibility.

  8. 8. Inquiry

    Place to contact regarding the handling of personal information in our homepage
    Okunoin Hotel Tokugawa homepage administrator
    (zip code) 321-1415 2204 Nikko Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture
    TEL:+81-(0)288-53-3200 FAX:+81-(0)288-53-4900