Relaxed in spilling hot water

Open-air bath

The bath dyed with colorful azalea in spring, dazzling fresh greens in summer, beautifully colored leaves in autumn, and white snow in winter. Our proud open-air bath surround by the abundant nature of Nikko which shows us its different attractions season by season.
We have the rest lounge after bath where you can take a rest over Nikko's natural water and barley tea made by this water.

Public bath

High-class spacious public bath

Please do away with the fatigue of your journey in the high-class spacious public bath.
The view of the abundant nature of Nikko seen from the bath is also superior.

[ Information about the bath ]

  • Public bath (for men: 1, for women: 1)
  • Open-air bath (for men: 1, for women: 1)
  • Bathing time : 15:00 - 0:00 , 6:00 - 10:00
  • Cleaning time 19:00-20:00
  • Sauna usage time 15:00-23:00

Open-air bath

Open-air bath made of rock of the rustic interest in the crisp air

When you soak in the spilling hot water of Nikko hot spring, with your arms and legs stretched to the full, you will somehow refresh your mind and body by the atmosphere unique to the hot spring of travelling and feel the moment of bliss in the very artistic atmosphere.

Seseragi set

Please enjoy our local sake in the open-air bath
in refreshing cool air.

* Please do not bring any items to the bath other than the Seseragi set.

Seseragi set

Private open-air bath

private open-air bath [MIZUHIKARI] (water light) / [MIZUOTO] (water sound)

I want to take a bath calmly and leisurely, anyway.
We recommend to such people two rooms [MIZUHIKARI] (water light) and [MIZUOTO] (water sound). These rooms can be enjoyed by a couple or a family, which have a private open-air bath where you will feel a sense of transparency and openness.

[ Information about private open-air bath ]

  • Private open-air bath: 2 rooms ([MIZUHIKARI](water light) and [MIZUOTO] (water sound))
  • Bathing time:15:00 - 19:00 , 20:00 - 0:00

Natural water (GINRYU-SUI) which is gentle to babies and pregnant women is used in private open-air bath. It is not a hot spring.

For the details of GINRYU-SUI, see here.